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How To Prepare For A Radon Test

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Closed House  Conditions

To ensure an accurate reading of the Radon levels in your home, we ask that you please adhere to the conditions outlined below for a full 12 hours before the testing begins, as well as during the testing process. These conditions are known as “Closed House Conditions”

  • All windows should be kept closed.
  • Entry doors should be kept closed, with the exception of normal entry and exiting.
  • Any fans that exhaust air outdoors or bring outside air into the house should be left off. This includes high-volume attic fans, window fans, and whole-house fans. Exceptions include air conditioning systems that recycle indoor air, air-to-air heat exchangers, and furnaces.
  • Any ceiling fans, dehumidifiers, or air purifiers within 20 feet of the testing monitor should not be used during or prior to the test period.
  • Unless a fireplace is the primary heat source, it should not be used during the test period and the flue damper should be closed.
  • If a Radon mitigation system is already installed at the house, it should be running for at least 24 hours before testing begins and continuously during the testing period.
  • If the home is vacant, the heating or air conditioning should be set between 67-77 degrees Fahrenheit with the fan in AUTO mode.

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